MathsSoc is the official Students’ Mathematics Society of the University of Jaffna.

MathsSoc is the official Students’ Mathematics Society of the University of Jaffna. Previously the society ran many events including talks and a regular quiz. A challenging problem would be given to students with a competition for the submission of correct answers. Currently the society is not active, due to the situation and lack of staff. If any Science Faculty students are interested in starting up the society again, please see a member of the department staff. A small annual budget has been allocated by the University to the society, to run events etc. To function properly the society would require a number of officers, including a President, Treasurer and Secretary.

On this page you will find some simple maths puzzles, and perhaps more importantly a list of useful maths websites. These include links to “international mathematics societies and organisations and information for maths careers and further studies, including English language tests.

Quick Puzzles

Party Puzzle

I am having a party. Different people at the party have different friends. Is it possible for everyone at the party to have a different number of friends there?

Chess Puzzle

How many squares are there on a chessboard? (In total – not just the 64 single black and white squares).

Chocolate Puzzle

I have a normal bar of chocolate with 5 rows, and 4 columns, making 20 pieces of chocolate in total. What is the least number of clean snaps necessary to break the block of chocolate into the 20 individual pieces? What about for a block with n rows of m pieces?


AMS American Mathematical Society

AustMS Australian Mathematical Society

CMS Canadian Mathematical Society

NZMS New Zealand Mathematical Society

EMS European Mathematical Society

LMS London Mathematical Society

EMS Edinburgh Mathematical Society